Whats wrong with personal training?

After 14 years with 50000 sessions performed,  a degree that took 7 years in Sports Medicine (I wasnt a dunce, just busy taking care of my family),  a countless number of certification courses……and what do I really know about personal training?

Sometimes… sadly,  it feels like nothing.

It feels like nothing because we have the Crossfit’s of the world that can template a program for you to follow, allow you to be swallowed up by hype videos and lead you to a promised land in which lying on your back shirtless is required at some point in time.

It feels like nothing because there are gyms that allow their floors to be turned into dance clubs and high flying suspension circus acts.

It feels like nothing because if you spend like 19.95 over 6 continously months you can get a trainer in box with about 12 dvds leading you to your fitness goals but if you act now you will get the bonus dvd with the ab ripper program AND a nutrition program.

It feels like nothing because you can head on down to the iTunes store and turn your smartphone into a fitness coach, tattle-tale and library. (That’s an attempt to making a cute reference to all thevfitness app’s out there.)

It feels like when I try to learn more and I attend a conference filled with the leaders of our industry, they seem to try to reach in my pocket as anyone.  This is probably what I am fed up with the most.  I will watch hours and hours of lectures, only to ultimately find out that words that are being spoken at this lecture are meant to drive you to the next lecture so that I will buy the book that will tell me to buy the dvd that puts a lot if big labels on ideas that are well and documented. This is really unnecessary. Talk about a way to strike a driven trainer in the heart and rip  his motivation to shreds!

Well, I’m short, so I wont give in or back down.  I am gonna do my job and I’m gonna make exercise personal again.

It’s not fair to tell you that you can lose weight,  if I can look at your foot and see that each time you take a step your arch flattens to the ground sending a shockwave knee to your hip. No, I won’t sit here and just listen to you tell me that you sleep on your stomach and you cant understand why doing a crunch hurts so much in the wrong places…..yet you wanna do another set.

Now is the time for ME to help YOU become an expert in the science of YOU.


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