Surprising Cause to Low Back Pain



I think that there are number of obvious answers to this question which can be beat like a dead horse.  How about something that most people don’t typically think about…..


After reading the works of Stu McGill and Ida Rolf , my eyes were wide open.  I mean, I knew that there were a greater number of people who suffer from Low Back Pain, but what I didnt realize was the greater number of incidences that occurred were psycho-somatic.

It makes total sense when you look at the natural response to stress.  As an animal, when we are placed in a fight or flight situation our inert postural reaction is to protect our genitals. We do this at the hip by tilting forward,  arching our lower back and rolling our shoulders forward,  while tilting or neck upwards. This makes our lower back do a greater amount of work to keep our spine erect. The end result to this type of posture is  chronic low back pain.

posture types

So what do we do?  As far as exercise practitioners,  it is necessary to help our reduce the amount of tension that the body feels systemically. Keep in mind that our skeletal system  is designed to maintain a standing posture for many hours without fatigue or pain. Not many  of us can stand for extended time periods without discomfort to muscular tension due to imbalances in our posture. This extra tension needs to be addressed.  Self Myofascial Release, corrective stretching and strengthening are keys but without reducing ones stressors makes having a successful program hard to accomplish.

Obviously, as trainers, we have limited time with our clients. Typically it is just an hour at a time and maybe only 2 or 3 hours a week. Likely they have come to you to help them change their composition (usually lose fat) What we need to remember is that this can be just as much of a stressor as the 3 hours they spent in traffic after they drank 6 cups of caffeine before they gave a company wide presentation for a cheap skate boss lurks of their shoulder at every given minute given minute that their phone rings at their desk which could be their 6 year-old saying that she needs to come home from school early because the sneezing that was keeping him up all night was her……..wheew!

This is what draws me to the people at PTA global. The power of their exercise programming is that it not only takes into account what individual goals our clients have but also who they are the moment you see them.

Anyways, if you are living a high stress, low sleep lifestyle that involves hours behind a desk or a steering wheel, please realize that you are opening the door for injury for you don’t address muscle imbalances. Pay close attention to the tightness in your neck, chest, low back, front of your hips and calves. Daily muscle length tension maintenance via foam rolling and active isolated stretching is a must.

hope this helps,  Jeremy


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