4 Things to do to Survive Group Exercise with Healthy Knee’s

The most part of what I do is knowing my clients With that said, when I am talking to those that enjoy taking aerobic’s classes I know two distinct facts. Number 1, no matter how much pain their body may be in, I can’t ask them to stop taking classes because they just wont do it. Even if I understand that performing hundreds of repetitions over the course of an hour may do zero good at all, I have to say “Ok, go for it.” Number 2, I have to be quick and concise with my advice because they don’t like to stand around very much!! With that being said, here are four things that are essential for you to do to keep your knee’s safe in your class.


1. Throw your neon running shoes away!!



I don’t have to tell women the pains of wearing high heels. The back ache that follows a day of wearing them coincides with the fact that the heel raises your foot which makes you arch your back. The result is obvious that your back is put in bad position because your hip tilts forward, putting your body in a position in which it needs to put the brakes on to prevent you from doing a face plant all day. What most people don’t understand is that running shoes have a raised heel as well. Switch to something with a flat sole and stop asking your knees to keep you from falling forward.


2. Take a “STEP” back

Most group exercise classes are incredibly dynamic and involve a lot bending from the hips. The problem with that (particularly for women who have blessed this world with a child) is that our hips aren’t always ready for this. Do a simple test to determine how tight your hips may be. All I need you to do is face the mirror with hip squared ahead and just step back. When you do this, if you notice that your foot turns out, then the muscles on the front part of your leg are tight and need to be loosened up before you ask them to bend and extend over and over again.

3. Pack your balls in your bag

Don’t go to the to your class without your tennis balls. Stretching alone is great, but if you haven’t you haven’t chewed the gum first then you can blow the bubble. What I mean, is that muscles are attached to connective tissue. Muscles can be stretched and connective tissue can’t. If we distort our posture enough then connective tissue will get very sticky and wont allow for muscles to be stretched. Tennis balls are a great tool for self message and chew up the “gum” so to speak. A great and simple resource is Justin Price’s “Amazing Tennis Ball Back Cure.”


4. Add Variety

I will never ask someone to stop doing any type of exercise they enjoy but I will always caution about doing too much of the same thing. Ask yourself if there is any instance in life in which we can repeat an action over and over with any repercussions? The quick answer is no. With that being said, the body was designed to move in many different directions, speeds, and loads. Make certain that you don’t marry just one type of exercise, doing so you will miss out on the beauty of movement and lead yourself down a road towards injury.











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