Is my spine bending because I am right-handed?

Yup…well it could be or it could be because you shift your weight more to your left leg or it could be because you have a slight leg length discrepancy or……


Just a guess but probably 80 percent of the people I have seen in my practice have a bend in their spine. You may hear this and raise an eyebrow to say, “Scoliosis?” I would say that is the definition of scoliosis but I would also say, “Let’s just call it a bend in the spine.”


What people don’t realize is that all day and everyday we are shaping our skeletal structure. This means we can be changing just how much it bends forward and backward, how much it rotates left or right and how much it can lean from one side to the other. This all depends upon what we do and what we don’t do. Now, with that being said, your reply might be, “Who cares?” Well, it is a simple fact that one day (unless it gets assistance) the Leaning Tower of Piza is going down, while the Eifel Tower will thrive.

ef twer   versus   ltp


As a word of caution, if you are finding yourself holding items on the same side all of the time (i.e. a baby, briefcase, tools, etc.) you are consistently shortening the same muscles and lengthening others. This will make you really good at this particular task, but since we live on earth and required to deal with gravity and movement has many planes, you are setting yourself up for problems.

So a couple of simple checks to see if your spine is bending one way or another to just feel it out for yourself. Try standing tall in front of a mirror with your hands by your sides. First, bend to the right and see just how far down your hand can travel besides your leg and then compare it to your right. If you have a side that is easier for you to go to, it means that your spine is bent that direction.

This is definitely something you will want to address with exercise, considering this is an indicator that you are ” in this direction with each step you take.


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