Are we making our kids weaker?

Are we making our kids weaker?

Are we making our kids weaker?

THIS IS JUST SICKENING!?!! What the heck are we doing to our kids. This is from the journal Acta Paediatrica:

*The number of sit-ups 10-year-olds can do declined by 27.1% between 1998 and 2008

*Arm strength fell by 26% and grip strength by 7%

*While one in 20 children in 1998 could not hold their own weight when hanging from wall bars, one in 10 could not do so in 2008.

That’s amazing that in just ten years of time, we have allowed our children to become so weak that they cant even hold their own bodyweight from the monkey bars on the playground. Thats absolutely appalling. What is even more upsetting, is that another 20 percent WOULD NOT EVEN TRY!!! That is just horrible.

We could each sit here and point fingers and say that the world is more mechanical and blame kids for playing video games. We could tell them to go out and play but that really isn’t enough. We live in a world that is completely obsessed with Fat Loss. While fat can  contribute to deadly health related conditions, I am going to make the arguement that it is this obession that is ruining the chances for our children to live a longer life than us.

Let’s just start off with YOU. Think about your approach to being healthy? When it comes to fitness, the average person will likely pose images of running or endless aerobics in their head. When they think of “fat loss,” the images change to even more running or even more aerobics!! Lets pause for a second to understand just how bad that really is. Think about how every time your foot hits the ground while running, a 150 times your bodyweight is pushing back against you. Thats impact, and if your joints aren’t aligned because you slept wrong or you spent many hours seated, that is BONE CRUSHING IMPACT!

So the idea of resolving to running for health is bad in that way but also for the simple fact in that it doesn’t do anything at all to build muscle. Sure, there may be some cardiovascular benefit but what good is that if you are chronically in pain and can’t move?

What may be the most detrimental issue for our kids is the idea that we can “run it off,” and the utter ignorance that we display for the role of strength training. Having muscle on your body is a good thing. Its necessary for the regulation of your bodyweight, the control of your hormones, and your ability to function in the world we live in.

Let me tell you something I found to be just jaw dropping. At age 70 more people will DIE after suffering a fall than will DIE after being diagnosed with CANCER! COMMON SENSE ALERT: People dont DIE because they didnt run! They DIE because they were not strong enough to balance themselves.

Two conditions can occur as we age, Sarcopenia and Dynapenia can occur as we age. Sarcopenia is skeletal muscle loss that CAN occur as a result of aging if we DONT actively try to maintain muscle mass. Dynapenia is a condition that occurs when our brain cant activate muscle appropriately. This occurs AS we age if we dont try to strengthen our body.

With a lack of emphasis on strengthening our children’s body’s as they age, we are raising them to fear lifting something for themselves, telling them it is “ok” to gain weight because you can slam your joints into the ground repeatedly to fix it, and that your chances of DEATH are going to increase dramatically because when you are just 70 you wont survive a three foot fall from your bed.


Oh yea, he was 61.


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